Tachyons, Bradyons and is “c” really the universal speed limit?

Let me first begin by answering the latter part of the question. Is “c” really the universal speed limit? Yes it is as Albert Einstein proved. But, let me expound on that statement, it is the universal speed limit for …Read More Continue reading

Difference Between Authorized Issued & Outstanding Shares

Authorized Shares The number of shares a corporation has the authorization to issue appears in the company’s articles of incorporation, also known as a certificate of incorporation. Articles of incorporation must be filed with the secretary or department of state …Read More Continue reading

Future of Education

Today’s education system is antiquated and needs some serious updating. I support the work Salman Khan  (links to wikipedia.org) is doing at the Khan Academy and I support his efforts and I believe that this is the way of the future. …Read More Continue reading

The Centers Blog

At The Centers Blog we ask; If you were going to build a starship where would you build it? West Texas? Nevada? New Mexico?  Space? How do we get there?  At least in West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada you …Read More Continue reading