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“The Human Factor In Space”.

Our goal at The Center is to bring as many people and corporations together as possible to achieve an astronomical goal, to build a Starship. Which will not be an easy task. By working together we can build the worlds first starship. It is going to take trillions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of working hours to accomplish. This will require a team effort not just from Billionaires and Millionaires, but world governments and every human being on the planet as well. The space industry will make some people very wealthy and might even make some of the worlds first Trillionaires. I guarantee it! “If you look at knowledge as a commodity, we have generated an enormous amount of it (knowledge) via the internet. That commodity is readily available to all of us who have the funds to pay for internet access. Now we need to design and build computers that can process all of that knowledge and information so that we have instant access to it. Once we accomplish that task then the stars will be within reach. Verbal and thought communication with computers  must be achieved as well which will allow us to control a starship at the speed of light. We haven’t even begun to think of the many ways we could apply it,”  Donald McElfresh Aug. 2011

What is the Human Factor?

Man has always broke things that we touch or altered our surroundings and made things worse or caused the extinction of some poor creature. On the other hand we have made great strides in the advancement of humanity. While traveling in space there is no margin for error. It is better to make mistakes here and live than to make a mistake in space and perish. Our goal is to look at closely and in great detail the cause and effect of our actions here and in space. We are destroying the planet we live on in the name of profit. We must look at profit in a new manner and find solutions to the problems we cause or create for the betterment of mankind. We can still be profit driven as long as it serves the greater good of mankind and does not contribute to our own self destruction. At The Center we are always looking at new ways to make a profit and not be profit driven. The Center is focusing on knowledge as the new measurement for profit and not so much on financial profits. Of course in our current society we are still profit driven, but we hope to be more knowledge driven than profit driven. The Center is always looking for ideas and ways to change this destructive aspect of society. Nikola Tesla wanted to give the world free electricity and gave us many things we use today, such as electricity. But the people that were driven by profits and feared they might go broke kept his name from appearing in the history books as the man who gave us  A.C. (alternating Current) electricity. He died broke and yet he gave us more than electricity check out his patents at the U.S.  patent office. This link is to his “Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums in 1900. 


Opportunities abound at The Center for Starship R & D, Inc. We look at ourselves as though we are centipede or millipede. Centipedes have a hundred legs and a millipede a thousand legs. Each leg represents to us an opportunity for the advancement of mankind. In our attempt to build a starship we will have to figure out how to create a small Earth for us to live in/on as we travel through space. Let me explain: In space we have no gravity and the human body is accustomed to it, no oxygen in space at least not what we can survive on, no water that is readily available for us to waste, and among other things no McDonald’s or Burger Kings or supermarkets around the corner. So we have to build a vessel that we can live in and that provides us the same thing as we have here on Earth.

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At The Center we are always looking for people and designs that will help us build the first Starship or Space Vehicle to be used for space exploration. That means that we must change the way we think about these vehicles and their environments. they have to be fully self sustaining and 3d printers (or replicators) for reproducing every part of the space craft. The air we breath the water we need for life support has to be thought out. In other words we have to build a space vehicle that replicates everything that keeps us alive here on earth. At least the major life supporting mechanisms. Please feel free to send us your ideas and thoughts. Everything that is legit will be approved, B.S. will not nor will spam be accepted. You should be using your time to think about better things than wasting time with schemes and B.S. that doesn’t advance humankind.