Space Info

Space Info

Just some info I want to keep handy for the times I can’t remember such things.


E=energy M=mass C=celeritas (the speed of light)

(E) Or energy is equal to (M) mass traveling at the speed of light (c) 2 squared.

The speed of light (C) travels at 670,616,629 mph or 299,792,458 meters per second, achieves 173 AU (astronomical units) per day

Or 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second)

Mach 1 is approximately 700 mph

The space shuttle after full thrust can exceed Mach 20

The number for “c” is Mach 900,000


ly = light year

1 ly = .306 parsecs

1 parsec = 3.26 ly

1 ly = 5.278 trillion miles

1 ly = 63,241 AU (astronomical units)

1 AU = 149,597,871 kilometers (92,955,807.273 miles)


Absolute zero is -273° c meaning no atoms or molecular vibration at that temperature.

If the universe is still expanding, humanity is also expanding, and wealth is also expanding, mass in the universe always stays the same, Why?

When metal rusts it doesn’t get lighter it gets heavier according to Antoine Laurent Lavoisier discovery.

Some of my thoughts and speculations.

Magnetism and Light

Magnetism and light are always leapfrogging past each other as one and the same If we could mimic how light travels we could then travel at the speed of light. The speed of light may well be the speed limit but I somehow beg to differ.

Periodic Table of Elements

As with everything we have discovered so far I am lead to believe that there is something else for us to discover. I believe that during our first 10 years of space exploration we will learn about new elements and chemicals.  I know for a fact and by mathematical deduction that we will find more elements than what we now know or discovered in our periodic table. I believe that we will someday find elements that exceed 250. Traveling in space and being able to step foot on planets we have only seen through telescopes will give us new insights on how small and insignificant we are compared to the vastness of the universe.

Are we alone?

For us to think we are the only beings in the universe is not only pious but ludicrous. Stop and think are you the only person on the planet? That is basically what we are saying. Because you are the only one on the island you have theorized that you are the only being on the Earth, or the universe because that is all you can see or know about. Duh! Yes my dear Watson, We have been visited by other beings on their way to discover other planets like ours. It only makes sense to me that they used our planet as a rest stop on their journey across the universe. Do the math, or think of it this way: What are your chances of winning the lottery? Somebody will always win and in some cases more than one.  If the universe was only a hundred billion stars that would have to mean that there has to be at least a trillion planets, assuming of course each star has a solar system equal to ours. Now think about this; flip the universe over and you have an opposite but equal universe to ours except in reverse. Assuming here too, that the universe is flat. Sound familiar Columbus?

Time Travel

Time travel is possible and we will soon discover all the new opportunities that this will offer us. I believe that if you travel at the speed of light and according to Einstein time in a starship would slow down. If you travel at the speed of light and are traveling away from earth for six months and turn around and come back for another six months (round trip = 1 light year) when you arrive back here seventy-five years will have passed. Your 6 month old baby would now be 75 + 6 months or 75 1/2. While you have only aged 12 months. It is like traveling into the future. So traveling in the direction of the big bang (center of the universe) or when everything began and traveling at, oh, lets say twice the speed of light you could theoretically stop time or arrive back on earth at the same time you left. Now double that and travel for 1 LY and wallah you could land back on earth 75 years before you departed. This would require knowing exactly how fast the Earth is moving outward. Whew! Whole lot of math here, hurts my brain to think about it. See example in bold below picture.

2013-07-01 004Red arrow indicates where earth is when you depart. Blue indicates where Earth was 75 years earlier. This is assuming that the universe is expanding. 1,000 years ago the earth was not in the same position it is in today according to the expansion theory. Sounds logical to me and it can be proved. Drop a rock into the center of a lake (Big Bang Theory) and the ripples it creates rapidly move outward from the epicenter and fades into less and less outward motion. To do the math requires knowing precisely when and where the epicenter was at the time of the big bang. If we measure the time and distance the Earth is moving away from the event we can and should be able to calculate precisely when it all began.  How do we know where the Earth was 75 years ago? That my friend is another discussion.

Another theory:

Now this is assuming that you left the earth in the same direction as the earth is moving around the sun. Traveling in the opposite direction as the earth is moving and at the speed of light for one light year you would theoretically return back here on earth seventy-five years before you left.


To travel across the universe in as fast a speed as possible we would have to warp time and space to exceed 1000 parsecs in one of our 24 hour days. That is the equivalent of 326,000 light years per day.

Some interesting facts that we have discovered over the years. I wish that I had a supercomputer that I could ask, (Iron Man’s computer Jarvis)  when I need information to solve a problem. Guess I will have to build one or at least build one that we can all use. Oh! That’s right! We have one that stores all the information we need we call it the internet. Unfortunately, it is, at times very slow.  It is more of a huge storage device than a supercomputer.