Space The New Frontier

Space the New Frontier

As we venture into space the new frontier we will discover many new and wonderful things about our own planet and about the galaxy we live in.

First we must address some issues we have with society and must be overcome. In the coming age of interstellar travel secrets will have to fall by the wayside. Before we travel to the stars we must overcome our differences.

My name is Donald McElfresh one of the founders here at The Center for Starship Research and Development.

Why is it that when someone comes up with an idea that seems a little bit off track from mainstream society that we ridicule the person and the idea. Let me give you an example: NIkola Tesla one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century was ridiculed for his work on AC (Alternating Currents) by non other than Thomas Edison. If Edison would have had his way we would be using DC (Direct Current) in our homes. It was Nikola Tesla (wikipedia link) who gave us the electricity we use in our homes every day and not Edison.  Yet our history books tell us Edison.

Another example: In the days of Christopher Columbus it was said that the Earth was flat.

Or How about: Man was not meant to fly. My point is this before we get to the point of intergalactic travel  we have to open our minds to new ideas and new methods of conducting business. We were given a brain and our intelligence gives us the ability to reason, and create; among other things, so we should utilize these things to better mankind and save us from our own destruction. God doesn’t have to destroy us we will do that all by ourselves. But that is an entirely different and very long discussion.

Once we begin to travel beyond the confines of our planet and venture into parts of our own solar system we will discover new things that we thought were not possible.

I know for a fact and by mathematical deduction that we will find more elements than what we currently know or discovered in our periodic table. I believe that we will someday find elements that exceed 250. Can I prove that no! Can anyone prove that Dark Matter exists? Not yet! Does it exist I think that it could. But that is for the younger generation to discover.

Here at the center we hope to discover many new things about the Earth we live on and humanity, space and what lies beyond our wildest imaginations.

Our goal here is to seek out new cutting edge technology and explore new ideas that might seem far-fetched. Even ideas that go against what we believe as the laws of physics. Laws were meant to be broken or at least bent to their breaking point.

We are going to look at magnetics, physics, gravity, and many other areas of science for new discoveries that will help us reach the stars.

We will be using 3D printers a lot in our research and development. I believe that 3D printers are the next step in our industrial evolution that will bring us closer to what is referred to in the Star Trek series  as a replicator. That is what a 3D printer does it replicates a computerized 3D image of an object. I can’t wait for the day we can replicate a hot cup of Earl Grey Tea.

All it takes is figuring out how to take the elements and chemical makeup of something and put it in powder form or a form to be used in a printer and wallah right before your eyes there it is.