This page you will find short blurbs about our current and future projects.

Beginning in 2014 we will launch 4 rockets and payloads into orbit. The first will be simply a test vehicle to exceed 260,000 ft. or 50 miles (80 km) in altitude. One of our most exciting upcoming projects is the launching of  rocket #2 to send a payload above 200 miles. At that height it will be in a good orbit to give us some spectacular photos and valuable information. It will carry some valuable equipment on board for The Center’s R & D teams of researchers. Our eye in the sky sort of speaking. Our next test vehicle will be to send the next payload to 350 to 400 miles above the earth and our third and biggest challenge is to send a payload to the surface of the moon. The lunar project is backed by an undisclosed financial institution.

The photos below are what the view looks like from 350 miles above the Earth. Photos taken during one of the last missions of the Space Shuttle to the Hubble Space Telescope.