Current Projects

One of our biggest current projects to date is the Starship Simulation Project which you can read about under that heading, or follow the link.

It is to simulate what life might be like living and working on board a starship. We are assuming that by the time we put a starship in space we will have figured out how to resolve some of the issues that are current obstacles to longevity in space. Such as bone loss, vision problems, and the real biggie GRAVITY.

It will help us resolve what we refer to here at The Center as “The Human Factor in Space.” we will run scenarios such as water shortages, oxygen problems, and food shortages. These are just a few of the topics we will look at. We are also looking for input from our participants for solutions to these and other problems. We are hoping that being immersed in a starship environment that it will bring out the creative abilities of the participants. Immersion in a situation brings out the best and worst of us all. But going into the Starship knowing that it is up to each and every crew member for their own survival and throw in that they are the only survivors left from Planet Earth their survival rate increases dramatically.

But that is what we will research and of course the ideas they come up with for example new rovers to explore a planets surface, new aerial surveillance vehicles, given the fact that conventional engines and aircraft will not work on say Mars or the Moon.  We hope to find new and better ways to create these and more using less expensive materials. Like using a remote control all terrain vehicle and cell phones and converting it into a land rover to explore the surface of a new planet.

We also hope to build a supercomputer for the Starship using either cell phones, or scrap computers and connecting them together as individual nodes to create a much larger computer.

Please see the section on the SSP (Starship Simulation Project)