Future Projects

Future Projects

Stay tuned for future projects and what else we are working on and the new tech that is coming.

What future projects will you help us create?

Communications device

Starship Model

Mars Rover

Aerial Surveillance Vehicle (ASV)–that will fly without an atmosphere

Artificial Gravity

Maybe you can help us create these:

A Shower that uses little or almost no water. Sorry folks no long showers here.

Waste disposal system–

  • that could be used to recycle or reuse the chemicals and elements our bodies discharge.
  • or that could reduce it to a powder form to be used in a 3D printer to print a tool or coffee cup.

Now comes Food:

  • What will we eat?
    • Chicken–nope unless we can figure out how to feed them and keep them in very small spaces.
    • Beef–no again
    • Pork–no
    • Fish–possibly Fish can give the water that is used in hydroponics, fertilizer and other nutrients that plants need.
    • Vegetables–yes, Soybeans can be made into patties and taste like beef hamburgers.

 You can help us find these solutions with your participation on board the Starship or by sending us your comments.

  • How will we grow our food?
    • Hydroponics labs–seem the most logical today
    • Food replicator–This is the future of 3D printers and would require the basic elements of any given food product, such as chicken to be in powder form. The time is close at hand for this technology be developed. The other problem here is everything we eat, well almost everything requires a little bit of water.
    • We could also freeze dry our food and reconstitute it with water, but wait water is scarce and has to be limited.