Starship Development

Today’s technology is still somewhat limited to build an actual starship like the one depicted in Star Trek. But our technology is advancing so fast that by the time we complete build a scaled down model of a Starship we will be able to get one off the ground, so to speak.

Astral Starship Development Corporation is in the process of setting up facilities that will help us make the first ever starship.

Astral Center for Starship R & D in conjunction with Astral Starship Development Corp will be running a simulation project in west Texas to help us in the development of today’s starship.

The project will help us with human behavior in a starship environment, labs will be set up for new technological development, such as planetary rovers, robotics, electronics, and many cutting edge technologies, as well as other facilities to develop and research life on a starship.

One of our biggest concerns today is our computer systems are not fast enough nor secure enough to use in a starship environment. Everything must and will be built to last 100 years or more. It must withstand the test of time as they say. Imagine you are on a collision course with a distant planet and the computer system crashes, locks up, or is slow to process information. You get the picture.

Our first step is the human factor. We must overcome and deal with an environment where we have little or no outside contact. We will learn how to deal with personality conflicts, confinement, and many other concerns. As well as food, Oxygen, water,  gravity, human waste, space suits, clothing, and many everyday items we take for granted.

Before we even attempt to journey into space these issues and many others will have to be addressed and that is what Astral Starship Development Corporation and our subsidiaries will accomplish.

The simulation project will be completed by the end of 2013 and will be live to the public by the spring of 2014. An exact date has not been set due to the nature of what we are attempting to build.