What should a starship look like?

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Here is an interesting link to build the Enterprise

Feel free to submit your design or suggestions.

The shape and size do not have much bearing on a starship traveling through space other than the amount of energy it would take to move the object at high rates of speed (like the speed of light “c”).

It seems we still like to use designs similar to what is required here on Earth and in our atmosphere.

In space and traveling at “c” it might be required to have a “vee” shape or a circular shape could be used as well. The “vee” shape could be used similar to a cattle guard like the ones used on trains.  

Please your opinions valuable to us and will help in the building of our first Starship.

Here at the Center for Starship R & D we will look at every detail that will go into an intergalactic vessel.

What kind of flooring, walls, wiring (optics), as we said every detail no matter how small must be looked at and scrutinized in great detail.

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