Issues & Obstacles

The first issue we must address is our computer and its operating system.

I’ll bet you thought it would be the Warp drive or something right?

  •  Our Starship must be able to process data in the Nth degree of a nanosecond. It will also have to have the capability to store every bit of information that is on the internet and all the books we have in print today.
  • The computer system will also have to be free from viruses, hackers, electromagnetic pulses and other interferences.
  • It will also have to have the capability for speech recognition, thought recognition, and will have to a have some sort of intelligence factor. Any computer or robotic system should never have the ability to act on its own or make decisions without the higher reasoning power of human interaction. Doing so would spell disaster for the human race.
  • The computer system will have to be more than a SuperComputer. Our supercomputers today will be slow in comparison to the supercomputer on board the Starship.

In the context of our Starship Habitation Architecture it will have to have the capacity to evolve and respond according to the needs of its inhabitants. But first we will have to solve the issues of the main elements that keep us alive here on Earth. For more about Life Sustaining Resources…See Research Topics Over time the population will grow and increase and the Starship will have to be adaptable to change and evolutionary progression.

The Starship Simulation Project will study, “The Human Factor” as well as the technology that will be required to travel across the galaxies.

  • On our Starship everyone will have to get along and learn how to settle their differences without violence and all the other human frailties that we are familiar with. Every life onboard will depend on each other for survival. As is always is the case with society we will and must have an appointed leader that is capable of leading the people and keeping a level head so to speak in times of great difficulty.
  • I will not list all of the details here that we will be studying as that will be discussed in great detail elsewhere. Please feel free to submit your comments, ideas, papers, and thesis on the subject of Astrosociology and Astropsychology.

Propulsion Systems

Now we have a subject that is full of conjecture and now we are seeing some interesting ideas that could prove to be worthwhile.

Artificial Gravity

Another big obstacle for humans is the gravity element of influence in space. Loss of bone mass and whole host of other issues will be solved with the invention of artificial gravity.