About The Project

A quick summary about the project.

Simulate living and working on board a Starship traveling through space.

First and foremost to study, “The Human Factor in Space”. We have a tendency to mess things up so to speak.

Research and develop the Starships design. Star Trek has done a great deal of research, imagination and design into the USS Enterprise. Can we use this as a model to design and build a small Starship. It doesn’t have to look like that. Maybe we could use that as a guide.

Create what if scenarios for different missions.

Create Mars missions to colonize Mars and the Moon.

  • Simulate the journey to Mars–in todays vehicles, time to arrival, 
  • Simulate entry into Martian atmosphere,
  • Simulate landing on Mars, and the arrival at the habitats that should already be there.
  • Simulate What if scenarios for better preparation of survival
  • Survival training for the Martian atmosphere, the cold, and all the other aspects that will make the mission 100% successful even in the event something goes wrong.
  • Train participants in the skills of deductive reasoning, panic suppression, create things for survival from items or materials already there.
  • Working together and with the help of NASA, DARPA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and other space companies we can and will achieve success in 2023 for Mars Missions.

Research and Develop new technologies to be used on and in the Starship.

  • The first item that will need major advancement is the computer system
    • Imagine you’re on a collision course with a huge asteroid and the computer freezes, or gets a virus, or worse yet is hit by an EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) and destroys the computer system. Now what.
  • Artificial gravity
  • Oxygen production and reuse
  • HVAC or atmospheric controls and stabilization mechanisms. (Side note: a system that will protect us from diseases will also make us more susceptible to infection the longer we are on board and in a sterile environment.) Definatley need the Tri-corder here. (For Star Trek Fans)
  • Food production and reproduction
  • Water storage and usage
  • Waste treatment and reuse– could find a method to reduce it to its basic elements and reused
  • Definitely we have to find a new method of propulsion. Albeit warp drive, or whatever
  •  Exterior and interior materials
  • Research and develop force fields, yes this technology is just around the corner and so is creating a dome that would protect us from harsh environments.
  • Research and develop technology that uses the electricity (or energy) that surrounds us, even in space.

To build the Starship Simulator we are going to us Shipping containers and stack them similar to the drawing.

2013-07-01 002Conceptual drawing using shipping containers

The Computer System


Our Starships of the future will need better supercomputers.


Supercomputers of the future will need to be smaller and faster than what we have today.