Mars Mission

One level at The Starship Sim Project will be dedicated to Mars and Lunar Colonization Missions. These missions will test your ability to survive alone and in isolation. These training missions will help us find the flaws and errors here on Earth before we make the final journey to this faraway place.

Habitats will be created here that will represent the same as what we can expect when we arrive there. We hope that corporations will join us by contributing to this venture to study in detail “The Human Factor In Space”.

Creating scenarios that will represent what if’s, or what happens if we do this, will guarantee the first missions success. Working through every possible error or failure during the mission beforehand will save lives, money and increase the success to failure ratios.

Mars missions will also give us time to study and better understand the Red Planet before we get there. Part of each crews mission will be to study the Red Planet to understand what they will face when they get there.


1960’s ATV aka Lunar Rover, We will design and build new rovers using the latest in technology and lightweight materials available to us.



Mars as seen from one of the rovers



One of the Rovers landing on Mars

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Simulated landing of SpaceX capsule.


Artists rendering of Mars habitats


Newman Biosuit

Mars environment space suit could look like this or could be more flexible and less cumbersome to allow more freedom of movement.

Clothing or space suits designed for more freedom of movement.