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At The Centers Blog we ask; If you were going to build a starship where would you build it?

West Texas? Nevada? New Mexico?  Space? How do we get there?  At least in West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada you have a lot of desert areas to build a facility that would be used to manufacture some of the parts that could then be shipped to a working platform in space for assembly.

The trick is to figure a better system of launching these parts to space on the cheap. Elon Musk is working on cheaper solutions that will allow us to ship some parts there.

The next question that we need to answer is once it is completed who is capable enough to fly it?

We need an academy that will teach students all about the starship and its inner workings. That is why we are very motivated to inspire today’s students to study the fields in S.T.E.M.  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Today’s students will be tomorrow’s scientists. The next Einstein, or Newton is living somewhere in world and is yet undiscovered because they live in a third world country or somewhere that has no access to the internet or great teachers. Khan Academy is opening the doors for us to discover these new talents and future great scientists.

The Center for Starship Research & Development is working on plans to build the worlds largest Starship Training facility  and we are looking for a place to build it and we need sponsors, partners and anyone else willing to join us on this venture. Think of the saucer section of the Star Trek’s USS Enterprise and imagine that in the middle of the desert in West Texas, New Mexico, Nevada or Arizona. If we run into to much red tape we will build it anywhere else in the world willing to accommodate us.

 Thanks to ERIC LIMER for his blog post at Gizmodo for the following information.

We know the new Enterprise—or as the Star Trek wiki calls it: USS Enterprise (Alternate Reality)—is 725.35 meters, 2379.76 feet, or roughly half a mile long. So, huge. And while the exact measurements vary, other sources give us a height of 625 feet, and a saucer diameter of 1,000 feet. The saucer section is what we are interested in building for training purposes. The size of it can still be seen from space. The idea is to give us a working model of something we already familiar with and go from there to research and develop new ideas that will work in space.

Stay tuned for the details of how, when and where.

We will post new information about Starship Development, all things space, and space exploration here. Including new technologies being discovered around the world.

One of the things I find fascinating is the discussion about time travel. We are all time travelers. Let me explain according to our latest discoveries our universe is continually expanding. That being the case the Earth is no longer in the same place it was in 1900. According to this theory the Earth has moved further away from the epicenter of the big bang. Meaning that everyday we are moving further and further away from where we were yesterday and the day before. Let me illustrate with this picture.

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If you left Earth (the Green dot with blue arrow) in a starship traveling at the speed of light and you were traveling towards the epicenter (the bright spot) of the universe and turned around and you travel back another six months to reach the spot where the Earth was when you left. But guess what, the Earth is no longer in the same place it was when you left. It has moved further from the epicenter it is now where the Dark Green Dot/Red arrow is. So what has happened while you traveled for one light year? The total time that has passed on Earth is 75 years, that means that your baby that was born a few days before you left is now 75 years old, while you only aged 1 year. Give or take a few months. So in theory you would have to continue until you reach the Earth’s new position. Without doing all the mathematical calculations I am guessing a week to one month further.

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