Theories, Thoughts and Mental Exercises

by Donald McElfresh

Theories of some of our greatest minds never had degrees yet we place an enormous amount of credence on obtaining degrees. A degree is only as good as the person who obtains it. Thinking outside the box sort of speaking is what made/makes the great scientists of the past, present and future. Sir Isaac Newton did not have a degree in physics but is attributed with being the father of physics.

I am an advocate of using one’s brain to question and wonder why things are the way they are and never accept what someone says is the only way it can be done. Imagine if Columbus would have accepted that the world was flat.

Here are some things to think about:

Why do we have negatives and positives in the universe? Everywhere I look I find examples of +/- negative or posative Electricity we always have +/-, men and women, deserts and jungles, hot and cold, you get the idea. Why don’t we have something in between +/- ?

What would be the sign or symbol of something that is neither + or -? Neutral is in between but what is it really?

In magnetics we have +/- or north and south. One attracts the other repels. Why? Do magnetic fields produce gravity? Or do they influence what and how we behave as humans? Can these magnetic fields be interrupted or changed? Do they provide or operate at certain frequencies?

If the Earth’s electromagnetic field protects us from the sun’s harmful rays and solar winds as well as cosmic radiation why can’t we duplicate that to protect our starship? A theory I am working on.

In computing we use 1’s and 0’s or pluses and minuses. Eventually we will figure out that everything in the universe can be duplicated or modeled by using 1’s and 0’s it is just a matter of time. Another point of interest to me is that we will soon figure out how to transfer our brains or backup our brains to computers that will allow us to live on in a virtual world or we might have it uploaded to robots or some other form. Speculation on my part but I imagine that during the 21st century we will have thousands of breakthroughs that will advance humanity further in 100 years than we have in 1,000 years.

A simple math problem about space travel:

If it took Voyager 1 thirty-five (35) years to reach the edge of our solar system how fast would you have to travel to get there and back in less than 7 months?

That is 125 AU or 11,625,000,000 miles traveling at about 37,500 mph. We need to figure out how to increase that speed.
To travel to the edge of our solar system and back in a decent amount of time will need speeds in excess of 250,000 mph. At this speed it will still take us 5.125 years one way or 10.25 years to make a round-trip. At a speed of 1 million mph it would still exceed a year long journey to get there and 2.6 years round trip.
I am estimating that at 5 million mph it will take 3.23 months to reach the edge and 6.46 months for the round trip.

Our current technology doesn’t give us any engine or mechanism that will propel us to 5 million mph. Even at half of that at 2.5 Million mph, we could do the slingshot method around Saturn and Jupiter to maybe increase our speed but may not be enough to reach our 5 million mph goal.

Voyager 1 & 2 Trajectories to the Outer Planets

Dark Matter, Dark Energy and The Aether (Ether)

In Einstein’s theories and it has been said that nothing can exceed the speed of light. The speed of light is the maximum speed in the universe.

Yes it is for the speed of light and all forms of energy that we know about. But suppose that dark energy or the Ether is traveling at speeds that exceed ‘c’. Or to put it another way suppose there is something that we can not detect or have any current means to detect speeds or dimensions in excess of ‘c’. Our knowledge of the universe is still in its infancy and we are still discovering new things in quantum mechanics, quantum theory, etc. Why can’t we find the largest prime number? What is it? How far does it go? It appears to me to be an infinite number that is virtually impossible to discover.

The funny thing is; when we don’t know about something we give some funny name, like “The Ether”.

But what is it? It is the stuff that holds the universe together and in place and keeps everything relevant to its whole. It is the glue that bonds everything together.

Why is space black? Where does all the light go?

Here on Earth light is everywhere but in space it isn’t. Our atmosphere acts as a giant lens and refracts all the light that enters the Earths atmosphere.

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