Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard The Center for Starship Research and Development, Inc.

We are glad you came.

Bringing Space to Us

Welcome Aboard The Center for Starship R & D we are dedicated to finding solutions for humans to have the ability to travel in space.

The things we take for granted on Earth can become a precious commodity in space. Like Air, Water, Food, Clothing, etc.the list goes on and on. The comforts we enjoy here like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Burger King, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s etc. These companies are not there yet. Maybe on a Starship Cruise Line you might find them someday. We hope anyway.

We are working on an idea that will help us learn how to deal with the confinements of living and working in space. Soon we will be doing a crowdfunding campaign to help with this endeavor, so please stay tuned.

The Center for Starship R & D is looking for you as an individual to present your ideas and dreams to build the first starship.

We want to hear from every person on the planet. If your ideas are put to use you will be rewarded handsomely. Think of this: We build super computers by connecting many nodes or individual computers to make one. That is what we want to do at The Center connect millions of people and their ideas together to make one teeny tiny starship. In comparison with the Universe that is.

So do not think your idea is silly or stupid or that you are not intelligent enough to help build a starship. We need you and your friends, and your friends, friends to connect and give us more than what we have today.

Some of the most brilliant minds in the world are still not recognized and still live in obscurity. Now is everyone’s chance to shine.

When you discover our website please pass it on to your friends.

Most of us at this present time can not or will not get to travel to space. We are about to change that. The Center for Starship R & D, Inc. will bring space to us in the Starship Simulation Project (SSP).


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